Early Years Primary Program

Short Term Intensive Programs – Early primary years

The nature of ASD necessitates an individually planned, intense and highly specialised teaching approach.  Class sizes vary according to need, but currently average six to nine students per group. Teaching is conducted on an individual, small group and larger group basis. The program addresses the learning needs of students with an ASD and curriculum domains are used as a vehicle for the delivery of priority objectives that address the core impairments of this disorder. Ideally classrooms accommodate the complex and challenging learning and teaching needs, providing flexible options to meet the varying needs of students. School programs provide a range of functional programs and access to the community that assists students to generalise their learning across a range of key environments. Team teaching is an essential aspect of the school’s program and optimises opportunities for small, flexible groupings and 1:1 teaching opportunities that enhance learning outcomes for each student.

Our educational philosophy incorporates:
 -     Individual Learning Plans
 -     Program Support Groups
 -     A comprehensive curriculum
 -     An emphasis on students’ communication and social skills
 -     Preparation for transition to generic educational programs
 -     Specialised student behaviour management approach and program. 

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