Social Work

Working with parents is a vital component of our program at WAS. We employ a social worker and welfare teacher who offer information, parent training sessions, counselling, advocacy, and assistance in accessing community support.

Parent Information and Sessions

The Welfare Team have a range of programs and supports available to families including:

  • Advocacy, counselling and accessing community support.
  • Ongoing information and support to all families through information evenings and coffee mornings.
  • Provision of a range of needs based programs for families and staff such as: Grief & Loss, Meditation, guest speakers.
  • Parent Support Group gatherings & social activities for families.
  • Signposts meetings to strengthen and build family relationships and resilience.
  • In-home support delivered for families who have been identified and assessed as needing additional support.


The Social Welfare Team conduct day and evening courses of the “Signposts” Parenting Program and were successful in a joint tender with RMIT to develop an enhancement module for families with a child with ASD. 

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